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Thursday, April 10, 2014

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JAMB 2014: 9 Ways and Techniques to Passing UTME

1. Except in Use of English all exam papers under JAMB are multi-alternative.

2.Some bright people have called multi-alternative questions, MULTI -SPECULATION questions . And there lies the key to all your labour! JAMB test doesn't have relevance to your own brilliance in the classroom but to how smartly you'll be able to use your techniques.

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3.Coincidentally, 2 out of 3 of the techniques are based on your capacity to guess answers accurately under pressure.

4.Specialists have said that it's potential for a few students (such as primary school students) to score as high as 25% in a JAMB question paper that they know nothing about like chemistry! All of us know this is nearly impossible in essay tests.

5. We must additionally presume that JAMB does not engage itself in negative mar king. But if it does ALL questions should be replied in accordance with its standard examination educations. i.e. Do not leave any answer blank even, when you have only 5 to 10 minutes to go.

6. Remember that in JAMB, you will never be able to read entirely or enough to make you remember of what you have read 100%. You have to accept the test scrapbook system will grow the quantum of things you are able to consider. Don't panic or fret regarding the volume of what remains to be examined. Every situation has one or more methods to resolve issues arising there from.

7. When using past question papers recall that every question/answer situation is broken into- The Root, The Stem along with The Branches.

8. The underlying facts are stated by tHE ROOT. They may be written either in present or past tense. They may be short or long. All facts given might be major or might not be applicable. The facts contained in the roots may also be known as the STIMULATION SUBSTANCE. But also note that in some questions, the stalk can appear with no root.

9.. THE STEM is the genuine question or the job to be performed. The key words to the questions can be found in the stalk rather than the root. The stalk may be in the kind of making a choice, or a call for the completion of a sentence.

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